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Ergonomic evaluation

We carry out ergonomic evaluation of products and employees.

We use validated measurement technology from our partner Movella to capture all body movements.

As soon as the measurement is completed, we can convert the collected movement data into joint angles and body positions, so that we can, for example, measure the distance between the employee and the specific product. This information enables us to calculate the ergonomic risk based on ergonomic standards (View our analyzes here).

Subsequently, we present the results in a tailored PDF report, which includes easy-to-understand and visual graphs and tables (View report example here).

But we've made it even smarter for you. You also have the option to access the entire measurement digitally as a visual body and replay the movements in 3D on our platform Replay (View Replay example here).


Wireless motion trackers

Our wireless motion trackers, which are easy to place outside of clothing, measure the body's joint angles and positioning. In this way, we can evaluate the user's actions based on ergonomic standards.

Freedom of movement

Sensors are placed with velcro straps on the outside of the clothing and thus allow freedom of movement. We can now evaluate the user's ergonomics wirelessly in any environment.


Ergonomic report

After the measurement has been carried out, we prepare a detailed ergonomic report which gives you an overview of the general ergonomic risk both in total and for the individual body part.

We can also setup comparative reports between two or more products at the customer's request.

We are very flexible regarding the content of the report and special requests.


Replay of movements

With our unique function Replay, you can replay the product evaluation with a 3D representation of the body.

Replay makes it possbile to rotate around the body and control the playback speeds.

The function can provide a greater understanding of the quantitative parameters produced in the report.

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