Our history

Motioncatch was established in 2019 based on an idea to combine wireless motion tracking and ergonomic software to develop our unique product ErgoLab. With ErgoLab, we want to revolutionize the current ergonomic paper-and-pencil evaluations, which are based on subjective and time-consuming observations of a few selected work situations.

Our vision is to make everyday life better for the millions of employees who go home every day with work-related pain due to inappropriate working conditions.


Mathias Hedegaard

Mathias is our ergonomics specialist and has a background as a cand.scient.tech with a specialization in ergonomics. He has brought indispensable ergonomic experience from his work at Danfoss and Aalborg University. He is responsible for developing our unique ergonomic analyzes and at the same time has the necessary ergonomic knowledge to communicate our product to our customers.



Frederik Petri

Frederik has a background as a cand.scient.tech with a specialization in health technology. He has several years of experience in combining software and hardware solutions, both from previous projects and as a product specialist at another healthtech startup. Frederik is responsible for the technical development and has developed our app and software.


Our business partners