Intelligent motiontracking

We combine ergonomic software with motion trackers to achieve better musculoskeletal health outcomes.

All-in-one ergonomic analysis package

We have developed ErgoLab, a complete ergonomic analysis package, consisting of 5 wireless motion trackers, smartphone and our app.

ErgoLab is used for ergonomic mapping of people and products to improve the working environment. Our solution provides a precise screening of where and when critical loads occur in the employee, but also provides the opportunity to analyze and design products and workstations to achieve optimal compliance with the body's physical capabilities.

Our app

ErgoLab comes with a smartphone with our app, which is used to make measurements and display your ergonomic results. Get your own dashboard where you can access all your previous measurements, or create a new user profile for each employee or product you want to evaluate.

Easy setup

In our app, a measurement is made easily. First select which body parts you want to be analyzed. Then place up to 5 motion trackers with comfortable velcro-straps on the body to capture the body's movements during any work situation. Our motion trackers are wireless and have a long battery life, which makes it possible to measure an entire working day, in any working environment and with total work freedom.

Live Feedback

During the measurement, the user can choose to receive visual, auditory or vibrating feedback for the current ergonomic risk. We call this ErgoLab LIVE, and its purpose is to help the employee make corrections during inappropriate body positions.

Detailed reports

After the measurement, our app produces a detailed assessment report, which we call ErgoLab REPORT. The report contains easy-to-understand parameters, e.g. %-time the back has been bent in green, yellow and red zone or %-time working at above-shoulder height. ErgoLab REPORT provides the company with the foundation for taking measures and improving the working environment.

Upgrade your workplace

ErgoLab is an all-in-one ergonomic solution that gives you all the infrastructure you need to analyze and optimize the working environment.

  • Intelligent Tracking

  • Ergonomic Reports

  • Easy Setup

  • Live Risk Feedback

  • Wearable & Wireless

  • Video Replay

Motioncatch helped Danfoss test how much better the ergonomics are with joystick control instead of a conventional steering wheel

Thomas Langer, Danfoss Power Solutions

Motioncatch set exact figures on which parameters our sandblaster was better in, compared to current sandblasters

Emma Gundersen, Storm Design Studio

I think ErgoLab is a really exciting product as you can put numbers on the problems and document the effect

Nicholas, Confac

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