Ergonomic evaluation.

We combine ergonomic software with motion trackers to evaluate products and humans.

We help you with ergonomic evaluation

We help companies with ergonomic evaluation of products and workplaces. Our solution provides companies with a unique and effective tool for ergonomic mapping of the interaction between product and body.

This is how we do it

Motion tracking

First we attach wireless motion trackers with comfortable velcro straps to the outside of the clothing. The measurement is then started and the person can now continue their work with full freedom of movement in any environment.

Ergonomic evaluation

After a measurement, we store the measurement on our platform, which the customer can access via their own login. Here, the measurement can be replayed and visualized in the form of an animated figure. Along the way, the ergonomic risk for each body part is illustrated as green, yellow or red risk.

Report with concrete results

We generate an ergonomic report which gives an overview of the general ergonomic risk, both in total and for each body part. We can also draw up comparative reports between two or more products at the customer's request.

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What do you get from our evaluation?

With our ergonomic analysis, we bring value to your company, product or employees in several aspects.

  • Ergonomic Stamp

  • Better Selling Points

  • Better Productdesign

  • Happier Customers

Motioncatch helped Danfoss test how much better the ergonomics are with joystick control instead of a conventional steering wheel

Thomas Langer, Danfoss Power Solutions

Motioncatch set exact figures on which parameters our sandblaster was better in, compared to current sandblasters

Emma Gundersen, Storm Design Studio

I think ErgoLab is a really exciting product as you can put numbers on the problems and document the effect

Nicholas, Confac
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