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Ergonomic product evaluation

Mapping of the interaction between product and human.

We combine ergonomic software with motion trackers to evaluate products within welfare, office and industry


Wheelchairs, patient transfer devices, bathing chairs, walkers, beds, etc.


Office chairs, desks, mouse, keyboards etc.


Lifting gear, cranes, workbenches, tools, robotics, exoskeleton etc.

Our evaluation gives your product greater value

Why should we evaluate your product?

By having an ergonomic evaluation carried out by us, we can give your product an ergonomic stamp. This gives the product better selling points to your customers and it shows that you attach great importance to ergonomic safety.

Our service

We help companies evaluate products and employees with our unique motion tracking and ergonomic software. We can evaluate most products as long as there is an interaction between the product and the body.

37% reduced risk

Read about how we helped Storm Design Studio evaluate a new ergonomic sandblaster design and how we found that their design reduced the risk of strain with 37% compared to a traditional sandblaster.


Thomas Langer

Danfoss Power Solutions

Motioncatch helped Danfoss test how much better the ergonomics are with joystick control instead of a conventional steering wheel.

Emma Gundersen

Storm Design Studio

Motioncatch set exact figures on which parameters our sandblaster was better in, compared to current sandblasters



I think ErgoLab is a really exciting product as you can put numbers on the problems and document the effect

We are trusted by leading companies and organizations.

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